Digital Analytics reinvented

The Analytics Suite 2 was unveiled at this year’s Digital Analytics Forum. This brand-new version of AT Internet’s solution is reinventing the daily routines of analysts, thanks to two main principles: data quality to ensure reliable measurement, and democratisation of analytics to generate insights for all job roles across the company. Add to that a dose of machine learning, and you get one of the leading web analytics solutions available on the global market (take it from Forrester!). If you missed this major release, be sure to keep reading.

Explorer for richer data exploration

Undoubtedly THE major innovation of the Analytics Suite 2, Explorer is a new data exploration tool which serves as the starting point for your analysis. With a fresh design, this new interface features all your core analytics metrics and offers a new UX, unlimited possibilities for working with your data, and smooth integration with other tools in the Analytics Suite 2 (Data Query, Dashboards and Reports). In a nutshell: Explorer is a powerful ally in making your data meaningful – and that’s only the tip of the iceberg… Learn more about Explorer in this article.

Digital Analytics reinvented

User Insights to better understand the consumer journey

Integrated into Explorer, User Insights is an analysis module exclusively dedicated to your visitors. It provides a cross-device, cross-site and cross-source vision of the visitor journey, and allows you to find quick answers to questions that all brands are now asking, like: “How are visitors really using different devices?” “What are the top performing device sequences?” “How does user behaviour change over time?”

Want to try it out? Sign up for the User Insights beta programme.

User Insights

Marketplace: innovation in collaborative mode

Have a look at AT Internet’s new marketplace! We’ve posted a variety of plugins and features to help you streamline the tagging process, create new integrations with WordPress, Outbrain, Youtube, Brightcove (or other third-party systems), and reinvent how you analyse your data. The marketplace is meant to be a collaborative space, so don’t be shy – share your creations and enrich your use of the Analytics Suite 2.


Tag Inspector: test your implementations in just two clicks

You can’t talk about “implementation” without talking “quality”! To ensure reliable tagging, you cannot neglect the tag testing process. However, this can be a time-consuming and sometimes very complex undertaking. That’s where Tag Inspector comes into play. By adding this extension to your browser from the Chrome Web Store, you can check whether your tags are in place and whether events are being tracked in the Analytics Suite 2. Browse through your site to identify and manage potential categorisation and page naming issues in real time. Then export the tag report to our support centre, or your technical teams, with a single click. Tag Inspector is a simple, practical tool with ultra-fine precision that’s easy for all skill levels to use.

Tag Inspector

Tag Crawler: Verify tags in real-life conditions

Continuing with the same approach to quality control, Tag Crawler was designed for websites with large volumes of pages. It’s difficult to manually check the completeness of tagging when there are thousands of items to verify. Tag Crawler deploys bots that scan your entire site to check whether pages are tagged or not. As with Tag Inspector, the Tag Crawler interface makes it easy to filter the report’s results and send to your colleagues. This technology was developed in conjunction with our partner OnCrawl, SEO specialist.


Data Manager: Tag correction on the fly

Once you’ve carried out your implementation and tests, any tagging errors must be fixed. Imagine this scenario: you’re reaching the end of your project, the clock is ticking and typically you need to call upon your technical teams for help with these corrections. With the new version of Data Manager, web analytics and/or marketing teams can fix any incorrect tag variables by themselves, and release all changes made. You get greater independence, more flexibility to respect your project deadlines, and optimal data quality.


New simpler and more secure access rights

Who within your company should be able to see data from your sites and apps? Which departments should have access to what kind of data? Who is responsible for creating analytics dashboards? These questions and many others must be answered to ensure a fully secured data processing chain… In the Analytics Suite 2, the Access Rights tool provides highly flexible management of permissions. This new interface lets you define pre-set roles based on users’ rights and their level of analytics knowledge. We’ve extended the level of customisation you can apply to your access rights to give you even greater control and security.


Explorer application (iOS) on your mobile

Check your AT Internet data from your smartphone with our brand new mobile application. Get access to all your core analyses available in Explorer. Download today from the App Store.


Watcher: stay connected to your data at all times

Keep track of the performance of your sites and apps in real time, wherever and whenever. That’s exactly what the new Watcher alerting system does on both smartphone and desktop. Define your KPIs from among 80 metrics (including advanced metrics) and schedule your alerts in a few seconds, and then sit back and receive notifications via email, Slack or even IFTTT format. Visit our Marketplace to check out Watcher.


In-page Analytics: track your content’s live performance

This browser extension allows you to view the performance of a page on your site while browsing on that page. Simply open the popup window to display your data instantly. Optimise your content in an extremely efficient manner with this simple and practical plugin. Install In-page Analytics for Chrome or Firefox!

In App Analytics

The Analytics Suite 2 is currently available in beta version, and we have many developments planned for 2018. Future developments will focus mainly on navigational analyses and e-commerce issues. The Analytics Suite 2 will integrate more machine learning-related technologies to give you an even more “predictive” solution for your decision-making.

Stay tuned!


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