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Like exercise and grocery shopping, some things in life can be painful and time-consuming, but critical nonetheless. Analytics data quality control often falls into that bucket.

Verifying and ensuring your analytics data quality is particularly crucial if you work in a data-driven organisation, as it’s the foundation of all your decisions. Yet data quality control is often laborious, manual, and costly in terms of time and resources. It’s not something you really want to do, yet you know you should be doing it, and doing it regularly.

At AT Internet, we think something as fundamental to performance as data quality should be super simple and quick to monitor, verify and correct. That’s why the Analytics Suite contains a data quality toolbox which takes the pain out of quality control for digital analysts and marketers, and enables them to audit, test and edit tagging implementations themselves, without help from tech teams. With these tools, data quality control is now a quick process that you can manage independently and regularly, in literally just a few clicks.

Discover 3 of these essential tools below, and start improving your data quality today. (You’ve got no more excuses not to!)

When you’re sick of manually verifying tags

The solution: Tag Crawler

What it does: Comprehensive, exhaustive and automated verification of tag presence on all your site pages

Who it’s for: Analysts

When to use it: Regularly and frequently, since sites are always changing and evolving. Run several crawls over the course of a given project. (Tag Crawler even keeps track of your progress since your last crawl.)

Tag Crawler

How it boosts data quality:

For a true and accurate picture of your digital performance, all your web pages must correctly send their data to our servers. It may sound like a given, but as website content often changes constantly, it’s rare that 100% of pages of a given site are tagged. It’s unfortunately rather common for pages to slip through the cracks of the analytics tagging process, thereby threatening your data quality.

How can you fight against this and ensure that all your pages are tagged?

The bad news is that each page must be checked individually, even if your site consists of hundreds or thousands of pages. (Yeah, we feel your pain.)

The good news is that you don’t have to do the checking. Tag Crawler does it for you.

This little bot audits all pages of your site to verify that AT Internet analytics tags are indeed present and functioning correctly. Tag Crawler then reports back with the number of pages crawled, the number of pages tagged, and the tagging ratio. It lists your URLs that are correctly tagged, and the ones requiring attention. You can then see how these figures have changed over time since your last crawl (and whether your tagging ratio has increased for greater data quality). So let our bot do the work while you do something more glamorous.

Data quality

When testing implementations is a headache

The solution: Tag Inspector browser plugin

What it does: Targeted verification of AT Internet tags on specific pages of your website

Who it’s for: Analysts, marketing managers, campaign managers, non-technical business users

When to use it: After any new implementations, during the testing phase

How it boosts data quality:

Testing and debugging tags has typically been an activity reserved for the technical folks – those sufficiently fluent in reading and editing page code. Marketing teams, and sometimes analytics teams, typically need to rely on tech teams for testing and troubleshooting help… meaning that data quality often takes a backseat.

Tag Inspector puts data quality into your own hands by letting you check tag implementations at a glance, no technical knowledge needed. Your tag parameters are translated into plain English so you can quickly understand which data is being retrieved. You won’t need to know what the parameter an=15099 refers to – you’ll just see Identified visitor ID which makes much more sense to us mere humans. And logging into your AT Internet makes your quality control with Tag Inspector even easier, since we’ll display your values using your own labels (like “Chapter = Products” instead of “Chapter = 3”).

Tag Inspector also warns you of any threats to data quality due to potential tag errors, such as an poorly formatted page name, an incorrect hit server, or a mismatch between how you’ve declared your campaign in the Analytics Suite and the content of your tags.

No more waiting and relying on your techie colleagues to verify your latest implementations. You now have the power to ensure your analytics tags are still functioning normally once you’ve edited your site, or added other tags or features. With just one click, share your Tag Inspector test results with other teams for further investigation and correction, or send them to our support teams to save even more time.

Tag Inspector browser plugin

When you’ve made a tagging error… and realised it too late

The solution: Data Manager

What it does: Corrects, enriches or excludes data via a simplified interface

Who it’s for: Analysts

When to use it: If you’ve made a tagging mistake, or if you want to enrich certain data

How it boosts data quality:

We all know that “to err is human.” And even the most experienced analysts are human, after all. No matter how much care you take with your tags and implementation, mistakes can still happen. And for that, there’s Data Manager.

This tool lets you immediately correct, enrich or exclude data on your websites and mobile apps thanks to custom data processing rules. That means you don’t even need to touch your code to clean and enhance the data you retrieve. Sounds magical, right? (Sorry, Data Manager does not work on dishes. Yet.)

If you’ve ever had major data processing issues due to a tiny typo…

If you’ve ever forgotten to update certain tags after changing your website structure…

If you’ve ever let a tagging mistake slip by in your most important campaign of the year…

If you’ve ever forgotten to exclude your test-related internal traffic…

If you’ve ever wanted to enhance your navigational data with other types of information for even richer reporting…

… then you can understand just how powerful it is to have Data Manager in your data quality arsenal.

Data Manager

See these tools in action and learn about others that can help guarantee strong data quality – watch the replay of our webinar, Data Quality: The Essential Tools!

Remember, while having the right tools can help you go a long way in boosting data quality and carrying out regular quality control measures, your processes and organisation also play a big role. To learn more, download our practical guide to Data Quality in Digital Analytics: The 5 Key Dimensions.

Data Quality in Digital Analytics

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