The extent of the social web phenomenon today has forced companies into monitoring their image on social media. Companies must monitor and listen carefully to consumer opinion before publishing anything on social media. Before even starting to think about directly interacting with customers or customer engagement, it is necessary to master the concepts and terminology of e-Reputation beforehand.

In this white paper Jacques Warren, digital marketing specialist & WAO Marketing CEO, takes a step back to focus on the key points of e-Reputation that need to be considered before undertaking any social media monitoring project or e-Reputation analysis:

  • Measuring e-reputatione-Reputation measurement
  • Sentiment analysis
  • The concept of “Share of voice”
  • Sphere of influence and opinion leaders
  • The relevance of monitoring tools
  • The reality and impact of the social phenomenon

This white paper will explain what is involved in e-Reputation and what you need to do to make your monitoring more professional.

Download the white paper : “The e-Reputation analysis, or how to listen to your consumers “




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  1. Thanks for sharing. Jacques makes some very good points about this issue. I Highly recommend the paper.
    Take care