Custom Metrics in Explorer

Customised comparison periods in Explorer

To give more context and depth to your analyses, you can now set the comparison period according to your requirements! This is particularly useful in cases where your analysis must be fully adapted to the seasonality of your activity – the feature allows you to use any date, or range of dates as a comparison period. 👌

And by the way, we took advantage of this new feature to make the calendar more user friendly, based on your feedback.

Custom metrics in Explorer

And we’re not stopping there with customisation: we’re offering you even more this month! You heard about the availability of all standard metrics in Explorer a few weeks ago? Now, we are going even further by also displaying all your custom metrics! Isn’t life wonderful? 😊 🦋

AT Internet - Custom metrics in Explorer

Default site in the Analytics Suite 2

Your profile page now contains a brand-new default scope tab!

You can customise the site you want to use as soon as you arrive on our solution.

For more information, we have prepared an article specifically for you on our Help Centre ✔️

New marketing campaign tagging

Your marketing campaign tagging is now available in a brand-new version.

The parameters and values expected in the tags are now clearer and more transparent.

Old tagging:

New tagging:
at_medium=sl&at_campaign=300&at_platform=google&at_creation=group_1&at_variant= Var_1&at_network=content&at_term=mykeyword

Feel free to consult our dedicated article on our developer documentation and try our converter from xtor to at_campaign to ensure an easy transition. 😉

Self-declaration of your marketing campaigns

Forget the complex and laborious declaration of campaigns… Save time and be more efficient in your daily management by sending your tagged campaigns without waiting for us to validate them. This free activation will allow you, among other things, to use the same identifier/library for different communication channels. Contact our support teams to reap the benefits!

Tag Inspector is getting even better

The latest version of Tag Inspector has been published on the Chrome Web Store (1.6.9).

It includes 3 major new features:

– Multi-hits are now grouped in the hit(s)/total column.

– Sales Insights are available in a dedicated section.

– Custom Domain Data Collection (CDDC) custom domains are now automatically detected for connected users to adapt hit detection.

Manage your users with SSO

The Analytics Suite 2 user management is now compatible with the Single-Sign-On protocol!

Save time in managing your users by allowing your technical teams to update the accounts on your organisation as soon as an employee joins or departs the company.

Access your data even more securely with IT managed authentication and API-Key calls that you can track in access rights management.

Benefit from safer and less time-consuming management today: contact your support centre and activate the SSO option for free.

AT Connect Poool – Monetise your audience with paywalls

The AT Connect Poool allows you to track the performance of your various paywalls directly in the Analytics Suite 2. This connector helps you analyse your audience’s behaviour and understand why they subscribe or pay to access your content. Develop a winning monetisation strategy by segmenting your audience and customising your paywalls.

Learn more

Update of the AT Connect Kameleoon

Kameleoon speeds up the implementation of all types of A/B tests. Thanks to the connector, the results and statistics of the A/B tests are automatically available in your digital analytics tool. This update simplifies the activation of the integration, regardless of the AT Internet tagging deployed.

Learn more


With 72 years of combined experience working in digital with various areas of expertise, the Product Marketing team at AT Internet consistently strives to add value to the Analytics Suite 2. Keen to apply outside-the-box thinking at work and beyond, the Product Marketing team is also quite proficient at establishing records in escape rooms!

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