Data Query 3 introduces advanced segmentation – a touch of Data Science for your e-commerce analytics – and a more comprehensive alerting system: just some of the new features in the Analytics Suite this month!

Advanced segmentation in Data Query 3: events, cohorts and sequences 🎯

A brand-new segmentation engine has just been released in Data Query 3! A new engine means new possibilities to segment your audience faster and more precisely. Here’s a preview:

Combining filters on the properties of the same event

This segmentation engine can help you make the most out of your tagging plan. You can now analyse all the properties of each measured event (page view, click, add to cart, launching a video, etc.), whether they are standard or customised. You can easily single out the visits where visitors have (1) played a video (2) more specifically, in the “Sports” category (3) in rugby (4) from a marketing campaign (5) on a smartphone (6) in Europe.

“AND” and “OR” conditions

When you select multiple events in your segment, you can combine them with “AND” and “OR” operators to refine your search.

It becomes, for example, very easy to select visitors who have seen an ad, for example, for a blue car for sale with a budget of between €8,000 and €15,000 OR who have added an ad for a car of more than 200,000km for less than €5,000 to their wish list.

Cohorts of visitors and users

With this first iteration of advanced segmentation, you can quickly analyse visitor behaviour over time, for example to understand how a group of users with common characteristics (e.g. Christmas shoppers) behaved in another period (e.g. during the Christmas shopping season).

You will be able to use either the “Visitors” segmentation (cookies or device ID, therefore mono-device) or “Users” (connected account, useful in cross-device).

Sequences of events

Sequential segmentation makes its appearance in Data Query 3, allowing you to select visits or visitors based on a sequence of events!

This will allow you to isolate visitors who (1) have seen a banner on the home page for a particular product and then (2) have looked at the product description and (3) put the product in the shopping cart.

Anomaly detection and prediction for all your e-commerce analyses 💡

The incredible AXON functionality is now available in Sales Insights reports: you can now experience the joys of Data Science applied to the advanced e-commerce analytics available in the Analytics Suite!

In just a few clicks, you can access valuable information to detect anomalies in transactions, conversion rates or even the turnover of your e-commerce site. You can also anticipate changes in your turnover thanks to forecasts. Read more about AXON Anomaly Detection & Predictions.

AXON Contribution: Analyse your data with curves 📈

You can now analyse your unusual traffic variations with line charts for better readability! Discover this new feature in two clicks: activate AXON Anomaly Detection by selecting the AXON Graph option, then click on the anomaly of your choice in day granularity. For more information about AXON Contribution’s features, visit our help centre.

All metrics available in Explorer’s alerting tool 🎉

We are pleased to announce that, following your feedback, we have made all of the metrics on Explorer available in our Alerting feature alerting tool (including your custom metrics!).

Still not familiar with the Alerting feature? Integrated in Explorer, this feature allows you to create customised alerts and be informed by email of any significant variations. For example, you can receive an alert if your site records 30% less sales compared to the same day the previous week.

🔔 To create your first alert, click on the bell-shaped icon at the top of your Explorer interface.


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