Analytics Suite updates April 2019

Look no further for AT Internet’s product news.

All standard metrics are available in Explorer!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: all standard metrics are now available in all ‘core analytics’ analyses! 🎉🍾 This new feature applies to both graphs and data tables. Push your analyses to the next level!

Enhance your analysis even further in User Insights!

You can now select a level 2 site as the analysis scope in User Insights. Rapidly visualise you user behaviour on a specific part of your site using your usual analyses!

Data Query: your exports in your Amazon S3 bucket

Amazon Web Services

To simplify your data pipeline, in addition to the FTP repository, you can now deliver your planned Data Query exports to your Amazon S3 bucket. Practical to say the least!

Stay informed with the Status Page

Stay connected with AT Internet at all times by receiving alerts if there are delays for data preparation, planned exports or unavailability of interfaces, etc. by subscribing to the Status Page. These alerts are particularly useful if there is a delay in the delivery of your planned Data Query or Data Flow exports, or to understand why the data is not available in the APIs.

Stay informed of the incidents

AT Connect Trustpilot: enhance your dashboards with customer reviews!

The AT Connect Trustpilot allows you to retrieve and display data related to customer reviews in your AT Internet dashboards. This allows you to quickly view the overall satisfaction of your customers along with the associated analytical data. Customer experience analysis will help you make better decisions and improve your various service and/or product offers. Click here to find out more


With 72 years of combined experience working in digital with various areas of expertise, the Product Marketing team at AT Internet consistently strives to add value to the Analytics Suite 2. Keen to apply outside-the-box thinking at work and beyond, the Product Marketing team is also quite proficient at establishing records in escape rooms!

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