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E-commerce – measure your PrestaShop boutique (in 5 minutes)

PrestaShop plugin for AT Internet Sales Insights.
PrestaShop plugin for AT Internet Sales Insights.

To effectively manage your e-commerce site, you must be able to monitor product performance. If your boutique uses PrestaShop, head straight over to our marketplace to install the plugin that enables you to measure all your e-commerce activity. This way you can reap the full benefits of the comprehensive range of features in Sales Insights, the Analytics Suite’s advanced e-commerce module.

Significant improvement in the detection of relative periods

The Reporting API, which powers both Data Query and Dashboards, will be updated on the 14th March 2019 to better manage relative periods in certain cases.

This update will impact the entire Analytics Suite:

  • Explorer and Data Query: these two applications will automatically upgrade to the new API
  • Dashboards and Reports: an automatic 5-minute delay is applied when you analyse the last x minutes
  • Reporting API: we recommend that you apply a 5-minute manual delay in calls involving the last x minutes

For more information on this change, please visit our help centre.

Explorer – a more flexible calendar

We have completely redesigned the calendar to provide you with a more user-friendly experience! The new version is easier to manage and allows you to select customised analysis periods over wide time ranges (direct selection of a week, a month, a quarter, etc.).

New calendar in Explorer

We have two brand new features in the Navigation module:

  • Select a palette with only one colour per page in the Sunburst view
  • Download PDF exports of your key sequences from the My Sequences analysis
Navigation tool

Data Science – enable predictive mode in Explorer (AXON)

Compare your real performance with your objectives for the day with our new Data Science mode! You can now define hourly objectives for the current day with our specially designed AXON predictive models.

AXON Prediction Real time

Centralise the results of your A/B tests with AT Connect Optimizely X Web

You can now automatically tag your Optimizely test campaigns and track the associated results in the Analytics Suite. Access the results of your Optimizely X Web tests and variations including A/B tests, multivariate testing, multi-page funnels, etc. Enhance the interpretation of your tests by fully aligning your Optimizely data with your AT Internet data!

Find out more

Customise your headers and separator in Data Flow

When creating your streams in Data Flow, you can now customise:

  • Column headers – display the name of the property on its own or add its group to provide more context – “Country” will now become “Country (Geolocation)”.
  • The decimal separator – the decimal format can be important depending on the automated processing implemented at the output of the Data Flow process. You now have the choice between a comma (123,45) and a decimal point (123.45).

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