Analysing variations in your website traffic isn’t always plain sailing. Identifying the causes behind spikes in traffic and major fluctuations is labour intensive and can chew through your precious time and resources. When trying to get to grips with your data flows and make viable predictions, a range of factors can come into play:

  • Variations can be hard to spot, and it can be difficult to identify their causes
  • Meaningful fluctuations aren’t always easy to pin down – just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not important…
  • Data mining and delving into issues on your online platforms is a lengthy process and often needs specific expertise

However, there are proactive steps you can take to make the process run more smoothly – with a little help from a high-tech analytics solution!


Investigating the source of the over or underperformance of your web traffic is tricky for several reasons. If a part of your site increases in traffic and another part decreases, the overall traffic figures will stay the same as the two effects cancel out. This means that you will miss significant trends if you only take into account the overall figures.

There may also be multiple causes for fluctuations on your site. By only identifying and resolving one single problem, you may have whitewashed over a series of other issues.

In addition, some problems arise from the limited time digital marketing professionals can commit to solving a problem. Despite the increasing number of tools designed to improve marketing teams’ efficiency, they often have more tasks to carry out and less time to spend on each tool.


Innovation is often boosted by cross-fertilising ideas from different fields. In terms of website traffic variations, it is possible to take a data mining approach and apply it to web analytics – data quality and technical knowledge are the key to solving problems through data mining.

Data quality

High quality data is key to guaranteeing quality analyses – simply put, data analysis is only as good as the data it is based on. Empowering our customers with flawless data quality is fundamental to AT Internet’s approach, based on the following 5 dimensions:

Accuracy – does my data reflect reality over time?

Consistency – is my data consistent across digital platforms?

Completeness – is my data intact and sufficiently rich?

Timeliness – is my data available when I need it?

Cleanliness – is my data error-free?

To make sure that your data is of the highest possible quality, it is important to put the effort in throughout its lifecycle, from collection to analysis. AT Internet employs significant resources to ensure our clients’ data is of irreproachable quality – with a team of consultants who can help with the collection, processing and use of our tools in line with industry best practices.

An analyst’s knowledge

Another crucial aspect for effective analysis is the having the knowledge and experience required to successfully carry it out.

According to Drew Conway, Data Scientists need three specific areas of knowledge.

  • Mathematical & Stats knowledge – more specifically, a decent knowledge of statistics to properly understand your data, set up algorithms and understand the significance of the results.
  • Substantive expertise – understanding the business context to grasp the tangible issue in question. Developing the best algorithm in the world is useless if it can’t be applied to solve day to day problems of the business
  • Hacking Skills – required to efficiently collect, transform, analyse and model your data sets. A substantial amount of data is required, especially in complex situations.


High-quality analyses can be a complicated process – with the quality of the analysis depending on the quality of the data and the analyst’s expertise. However, at AT Internet, we don’t just democratise data, we provide user-friendly access to valuable insights. Axon, our data science initiative is designed to make actionable insights available to all users, even those who do not have an analyst on hand. Even if you are an analyst, it can save you a considerable amount of time and energy!

Regardless of the size and nature of your data project, Axon does the heavy lifting. It is designed to enable analysts and business users to rapidly get the most out of their data – allowing them to devote more time to higher value-added tasks.

Our solution is the result of the combined strengths of our digital analytics experts and data scientists, who have developed models and algorithms based on millions of data points – all to provide you with the best possible statistical results and drive your decision making into the fast lane.

axon contribution image 1

Our latest project, AXON Contribution, aims to do exactly this: by applying an algorithm to your underlying data it can identify and measure variations that explain unusual trends. Seamlessly integrated into AT Internet’s Explorer, it is specifically designed to save you time by helping you analyse your data as well as unearthing insights that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Axon makes sure you never miss a beat.

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Photo by Agence Olloweb on Unsplash


With five years of experience consulting on the digital ecosystem and with an academic background in marketing, Fabien thrives on the challenges posed by web marketing and analytics. As a Product Manager at AT Internet, Fabien focuses on producing relevant and actionable data science products by keeping consumers front of mind.

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