Continuing our immersion into “A Day in the Life of a Digital Analyst”, let’s see what’s new with John, a digital analyst evangelizing the power of digital analytics.

Episode 3: “Data, and a lot more besides…”

The story:

John has just brought some new perspective to Product Marketing when Melissa from Product Merchandising trails in. She wants to know how online sales are stacking up next to in-store sales. She’s ready to dig in and work with the data herself, but has been discouraged by previous frustrating experiences and tool limitations. John reassures her that flexible and agile analytics are possible with their current analytics. Moreover, these tools enable her to draw correlations between analytics data and rich third-party data, like weather stats and audience socio-demographics.

The excerpt:


The takeaway:

A key strength for businesses is the ability to adapt actions and decisions in real time based on continuously changing (and sometimes unpredictable) factors. Analytics tools must therefore be comprehensive and flexible: without flexibility and customisation, teams are stuck working within the tool’s constraints and cannot extract the full potential of their data. Having an analytics solution that is both complete and customisable makes it possible to track all aspects of performance and levers, and then deepen and tailor analyses accordingly. As John says, it’s the right tools combined with the right questions that “make the magic happen.”


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A Silicon Valley native, Ashley has 10 years of experience as a marketing writer and previously worked in B2B digital marketing at Google. She joined AT Internet in 2014 to help create and deploy our international communications in 6 languages. She enjoys distilling complex topics from the ever-changing digital universe into clear, actionable ideas.

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