[Interview] Preparing students to use digital analytics tools and strategies

Analytics data usage is being democratised. But companies still have trouble finding experienced candidates who can capably leverage all the power of digital analytics tools. To address this issue, AT Internet has partnered with certain universities and schools specialised in digital. The goal is to certify future digital strategy experts and train them on the fundamentals of web analytics.

Digital Analytics predictions 2018

2018 predictions: 9 digital experts weigh in

We asked several experts from the analytics and digital marketing world to share their forecast of how their field will evolve this year. It’s no big surprise that data privacy is shaping up to be THE big topic in 2018, but it’s not the only subject we’ll see this year… Discover what the weeks and months to come may hold, thanks to these 100% natural predictions, with no added algorithms, made by humans for humans!

Digital Analytics reinvented

10 must-see features in the Analytics Suite 2

The Analytics Suite 2 was unveiled at this year’s Digital Analytics Forum. This brand-new version of AT Internet’s solution is reinventing the daily routines of analysts, thanks to two main principles: data quality to ensure reliable measurement, and democratisation of analytics to generate insights for all job roles across the company.