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Explorer, behind the scenes: Involving clients in product design

Driven by a strong desire to involve our customers across the entire customer journey, at AT Internet we’ve recently taken a user-centric turn with our product strategy. This means user experience was a particularly important factor when designing the new version of our solution. It wasn’t just a question of creating a tool whose usability and ergonomics were thoughtfully approached…

Explorer digital analytics tool development

Explorer, behind the scenes: From concept to prototype

In 2016, we began undertaking a major initiative: the complete revamping of our exploratory analysis tool, Analyzer NX. Instead of updating the existing tool, we made the choice to build something entirely new from a blank slate. Given the strategic importance of this project, the involvement and support of all AT Internet employees were absolutely vital, from the earliest stages of design…

Ship-It Day 2017: a quick recap!

The idea behind a Ship-it Day is to let employees’ imaginations run wild in order to develop and deliver new innovations in just 24 hours. This year, at our second-annual Ship-It Day internal hackathon, all the stars aligned: 15 original projects, super-motivated teams, music and popcorn (and candy floss, too!). The energy was awesome, and the enthusiasm was palpable, even despite the fatigue.