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For the last 3 years, we’ve held “Ship It Day”: a 24-hour hackathon where the goal is to successfully carry out an innovative project from start to finish. This event is an opportunity for our teams to showcase their talent and creativity through a range of projects that are (more or less) useful for our company and our customers…


Driven by a strong desire to involve our customers across the entire customer journey, at AT Internet we’ve recently taken a user-centric turn with our product strategy. This means user experience was a particularly important factor when designing the new version of our solution. It wasn’t just a question of creating a tool whose usability and ergonomics were thoughtfully approached…

Explorer digital analytics tool development

In 2016, we began undertaking a major initiative: the complete revamping of our exploratory analysis tool, Analyzer NX. Instead of updating the existing tool, we made the choice to build something entirely new from a blank slate. Given the strategic importance of this project, the involvement and support of all AT Internet employees were absolutely vital, from the earliest stages of design…