GDPR & Digital Analytics Checklist

Are businesses ready for the GDPR? Depending on who you listen to, only 6% of companies are GDPR-ready, while other more optimistic figures (nearly 30%) are also being reported. But one thing is clear – the majority of businesses are still not fully prepared for the GDPR, even though the regulation takes effect in a matter of weeks.


The good news? It’s never too late to focus your attention and efforts on data protection… and on your digital analytics activities in particular. This simple checklist will help you review key aspects of your digital analytics data and processes that are impacted by the GDPR.


(And remember, if you’re an AT Internet customer, you’re already in good hands – our Analytics Suite is fully compliant with the GDPR, and our analytics data never leaves the EU.)


To learn more about what the GDPR means for digital analytics, be sure to watch the replay of our webinar, GDPR & digital analytics: Are you ready?

Digital analytics & GDPR checklist

A Silicon Valley native, Ashley has 10 years of experience as a marketing writer and previously worked in B2B digital marketing at Google. She joined AT Internet in 2014 to help create and deploy our international communications in 6 languages. She enjoys distilling complex topics from the ever-changing digital universe into clear, actionable ideas.

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