Choosing a Web Analytics solution

Choosing a Web Analytics solution

Discussions and debates on the range of different web analytics tools available always raise a lot of interest. Choosing the right solution falls into the category of vital decisions that a company has to make! Although we do not deny the importance associated with making such a choice, we believe that the most important factor to be considered is the people who will use tool, which will be discussed later.

Before any measurement tool is purchased a very important decision needs to be made. The field of science has shown how the different materials which are used have influenced scientists’ knowledge. Purchasing a measurement tool also means adopting a view of what we actually want to measure.

We believe that this is particularly true in the field of Web Analytics[1]. Anyone who has tried to analyse their online activity with more than one solution has found themselves with many unanswered questions relating to the significant differences in the results that exist, defying all logic. We don’t believe, and insist on the fact, that it is a good idea to use more than one tool to measure the same phenomena. It is even less of a good idea to use a second tool to confirm the results generated by the first one just so that the results which are generated can be trusted! We have, unfortunately, taken part in many unproductive discussions and debates on why differences in results exist. There is, however, a solution to this problem: all you need to do is correctly implement the right tool, keep a check on it and believe in it.

With this in mind, there are several different factors which need to be considered before choosing a Web Analytics solution and this white paper will explore each of the different factors in detail.

[1] For the purposes of this White Paper, our comments will be limited to behavioural analysis tools which analyse visitor activity on digital interfaces, in other words “classic” Web Analytics.

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