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Groupe La Poste has multiple public service missions in France: distributing mail 6 days a week across the entire French territory, contributing to town and country planning, transporting and distributing press, and providing accessible banking services to all. The group’s digital audience includes 11 million unique visitors monthly to and 3 million unique visitors per month to the group’s online store. These figures represent roughly 10% of the total visitors to all French websites.

The group’s digital arm developed its data strategy via numerous optimisation initiatives. By performing advanced analysis of its digital analytics data, the group has been able to better manage sales performance, launch new developments to improve user experience, and reliably measure its TV campaigns’ “drive to web” impact – all with solid results. Get the highlights here, and don’t forget to download the full case study below!


Boosted sales activity: 12% lift in conversions

Thanks to a shared dashboard, teams at Groupe La Poste can monitor e-commerce activity in real time, on a day-to-day basis. Conversion rates, completion rates and bounce rates measured on the group’s sites are cross-compared with sales and turnover data in a scorecard. In addition to enabling more efficient decision-making, this information enabled the group to boost its e-commerce activity by 12%.

Beyond tracking sales results, Groupe La Poste also retroactively analysed its digital analytics data and built sales projections for the year to come. These projections enabled teams to substantiate their growth forecasts and were also useful when defining different budgets.

Optimised the responsive site for a better user experience

By tracking performance across devices, the group was able to implement and validate several key actions. The first was to examine and improve usability of certain features and services for mobile users, such as reviewing and optimising the “find a post office” feature on the mobile site.

Groupe La Poste’s marketing teams were also able to detect new, hidden business opportunities thanks to analytics data. For example, they observed that despite a less-than-optimal user experience for mobile users (on the website, which was not responsive), there was nonetheless significant sales potential from these on-the-go users. The group launched specific developments to optimise the online shop and make it easier to purchase from the mobile website.

Tracked the real impact of TV campaigns

The group also focused on analysing the “drive-to-web” effect of its TV ad campaigns. Using AT Internet’s TV Tracking solution, the group was able to answer several key questions:

  • Did our TV ad campaigns have the greatest impact on smartphone, tablet or desktop traffic?
  • Did people who were exposed to our TV campaigns visit the website more often than non-exposed visitors?
  • Did our TV-exposed visitors buy more, compared to non-exposed visitors?

To learn more about the analyses used and the results achieved:



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