Tracking the cross-device user journey is one of the biggest challenges in digital today. This remains a complex issue for many brands, due to gaps in user identification across devices. But flash sales leader vente-privee practices an efficient workaround to capture cross-device user data and develop its mobile strategy: No matter the device, vente-privee members must log in in order to access the flash sale content.

The challenge: Optimise the overall customer journey

vente-privee’s central challenge is understanding and anticipating users’ cross-device behaviour, and the impact of those behaviours on conversions. The group’s ultimate objective is to capitalise on the particularities of each device, and in doing so, optimise the entire cross-channel journey.


The solution: Connect analytics data to a data mart

vente-privee implemented a data exchange system (via API) between AT Internet’s digital analytics solution, the Analytics Suite, and vente-privee’s digital analytics data mart. This allows vente-privee to, on one hand, enrich its CRM data base with traffic volume and behavioural data, while also feeding the digital analytics solution with user profile data (such as socio-demographics, age, gender, and more). vente-privee’s data mining teams can then cross-correlate data according to product line, brand, spend on specific product, and more.

“Thanks to the connection between AT Internet’s API and our data mart, we have a view that’s quantitative, behavioural and also segmented, in marketing terms.” Julien Bizet, project and innovation manager at vente-privee

The conclusion: Develop a “mobile-first” strategy

With its enriched analytics data, vente-privee was able to detect and investigate behavioural and transactional particularities, as well as specific behaviours linked to each customer profile, on each device type. The observed results illustrate that mobile profoundly impacts usage, both in terms of product viewing frequency and timing, as well as the types of products viewed and purchased, and whether those purchases were impulsive or planned.

Based on its analyses, vente-privee implemented several initiatives in order to:

  • Adapt its merchandising for specific devices
  • Streamline and shorten the purchase process on mobile
  • Take a “mobile-first” approach and develop features designed for mobile: Apple Watch app, and apps like “LE PASS” (local deals) and “Le Voyage” (travel deals)

Discover the details of vente-privee’s data analyses and results:





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