When people need to find tickets to the most popular sports, theatre and concert events, they turn to to find them. Since 2003, Ticket Liquidator’s vast marketplace has connected ticket buyers with qualified, vetted sellers, providing event-goers worldwide with secure access to millions of tickets with a money-back guarantee.



The ticket reselling market is highly competitive – it’s all about being available and visible to customers at the critical moment. Once tickets go on sale for popular events, every second counts. Ticket Liquidator’s challenges are:

  • measuring site traffic and e-commerce activity in real time to optimise conversions and ad budgets
  • having a holistic view of both online and offline conversions (phone orders) for an accurate view of performance


Solution and results

Ticket Liquidator uses the Analytics Suite 2 to get a reliable view of digital performance in real time, thanks to accurate, unsampled digital analytics data. Ticket Liquidator’s analytics team shares performance insights with other relevant teams across the company using monitoring dashboards, equipping the right people to take quick and appropriate action. This real-time view of key metrics, visitor activity and e-commerce conversions enables Ticket Liquidator’s PPC teams to tweak their ad campaigns to optimise ROI right as sales are happening. It also means the group can quickly identify and correct any technical problems on the site to avoid losing revenue during the crucial sales period – a critical need for any e-retailer.


The group also faces the challenge of reconciling its online and offline conversion data for a big-picture view of sales. As the Analytics Suite 2 makes it easy to implement highly granular custom sources, Ticket Liquidator was able to set up a system for capturing data on orders placed via its call centre. In doing so, the company can see which online campaigns or channels drive strong offline response, giving them a truly holistic and accurate view of ROI.



Read the case study to learn how Ticket Liquidator uses AT Internet’s digital analytics solution to achieve the following results:

  • Optimise ad spend in real time
  • Quickly identify technical issues to maintain profitability
  • Gain a holistic view of online and offline conversions
  • Save 15 hours per week on reporting and analysis
  • Boost profits 5%


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