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L’Équipe is the leading daily sport newspaper in France. Across all its platforms combined (websites, mobile sites, and mobile apps), it sees 1.5 billion pageviews per month (figures from 2016). L’Équipe’s mobile application is among the top 3 mobile apps in France, and its traffic continues to grow.

Challenge: Optimise content and UX

The mobile application’s business model depends on premium subscriptions and ad revenue. The group’s analytics strategy is therefore to align with editorial objectives by optimising the app’s content and usability.

Solution and results

Using the Analytics Suite, l’Équipe carried out various optimisation actions.

Adapting content offerings based on real usage

By analysing performance, the group can make more informed choices regarding content formats, notably on the most strategic pages of its mobile app, such as live match tracking pages. By performing extensive analyses of the most popular matches, of filters used, and of match description pages, the group can make data-driven recommendations to its journalists across several levels:

  • Prioritise which sport matches should be commentated live
  • Improve screen layouts depending on the sport

Continuous improvements to the mobile app

With the Analytics Suite, l’Équipe can also understand how its mobile app is being used, in order to make further developments. For example, the group studied how the “Add to my favourites” feature was being used, and the results revealed a low usage rate. The group therefore revamped the feature and integrated push notifications to increase its usage.

Get more details about the analyses used and the results achieved:



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