Younited Credit (formerly PRÊT D’UNION), France’s leading peer-to-peer lending platform, matches investors with borrowers seeking direct financing of consumer loans. With its innovative economic model, and its internal data-driven culture, Younited Credit’s marketing team constantly looks to its digital analytics data to hone its conversion optimisation strategy.


Challenge: Continuously optimise the conversion funnel

Younited Credit implemented an intensive test-and-learn strategy: Each idea is tested and verified before being deployed (changes involving colors, terminology, buttons, iframe and scenarios). The company’s quest for continuous improvement and conversion optimisation on the site is perpetual – as the entire lead acquisition and conversion process happens online, Younited Credit’s main challenge is optimising its conversion funnel.


Solution: Use analytics data to identify test elements

The group systematically uses analytics data to determine and investigate potential tests upstream.  Standard performance indicators – such as bounce rate, pageviews and clicks – are a good starting point for establishing an initial assessment. Next, a detailed analysis of the conversion funnel enables Younited Credit to easily identify hotspots to be prioritised and tested.


Results: A significant increase in conversions

Thanks to an initial analysis of the user journey, Younited Credit was able to identify major obstacles at the beginning of its loan calculator funnel. After testing a change in how form fields were ordered, the marketing team implemented a new, optimised form.

“The strength of AT Internet is that it helps us affirm decisions about changes that may be heavily significant.”

Caroline Roullet, Loyalty and Monetisation Manager


  • 5% lift in completed forms
  • 10% lift in conversions across all marketing acquisition channels

Discover other details of Younited Credit’s success using digital analytics:

Younited Credit case study download


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