With the democratisation of data, digital analytics occupies an important role in companies’ strategic decisions – and the media industry is no exception. Whether it’s acquiring traffic, growing reader loyalty and satisfaction, or monetising existing content, media groups face numerous challenges. And digital analytics provides solutions: With data, media groups can redirect their editorial approach in real time and optimise content and production. When shifting your approach toward data-driven content, these 3 elements are vital to winning your wager.

Get your teams’ buy-in to analytics governance

This is the first step. . But many people still resist this idea, as numbers can sometimes be daunting. Yet, it’s possible to optimise your words using numbers. This is a company-wide initiative that should be instated, explained and endorsed by management, and then guided by the department responsible for analytics activities. This will require strong change management and training actions.

Make data accessible (to all)

It’s imperative that data not be confined and siloed to just the analytics team – it must be shared widely within the company. Every role – like that of journalists, for example – should be able to easily access the data that relates to their activities. And how? By monitoring simple indicators directly in the CMS, in real time. API technology makes it possible to easily distribute data to all company systems.

Make the most of existing content (again)

Before, it was impossible to revisit an already-published article. Those days are over! Now, you can adapt your content based on its real-time performance: Test several different headlines for a single article, dive deeper into certain topics that particularly interest your readers, re-work your hooks based on the latest news updates… In doing so, .

Case in point: Lagardère Active

See a real-life example of how a major French media group, Lagardère Active, successfully adopted digital analytics and a data governance policy – and reached its goals in doing so.

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