Digital Analytics rules 4

Tag everything – all pages on your site, and all screens of your mobile apps – to avoid problems down the line with your data analysis due to missing or insufficient information. But this doesn’t mean you need to track the tiniest of events, or clicks on insignificant buttons buried deep in your site. Remember, your needs, objectives and KPIs will be continuously evolving, so nothing is ever set in stone, and you can always adjust your tagging later… especially if your chosen digital analytics solution offers tools enabling you to easily update your tags over time.

Poor tagging can result in incoherent data, or a loss of data. As a result, any actions you take post-implementation (such as data analysis) will be questionable, because these actions will have been based on faulty data.

Florian Rieupet, digital analytics expert at Internet

To learn more on the topic, watch the webinar on “Agile implementation


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