In 2015, Asia-Pacific will officially become the largest e-commerce market on the planet. And the market’s force was on clear display at Ecommerce Show Asia, held in Singapore on April 22 & 23. Part of a consolidated trade show also featuring Retail World Asia, Cards and Payments Asia, Cash Handling Show Asia and Future Bank Asia, this was a key industry event for Southeast Asian retailers.




In the past, this event primarily focused on technologies associated with the brick-and-mortar aspects of retail. However, with the huge surge of online commerce over the last couple of years, E-Commerce Show Asia’s focus and content are evolving – so keep your eye on this event!

The show offered 2 days of trade booths, keynote speakers, and free and premium conferences, along with an awards dinner to recognise and celebrate the region’s leading authorities in smart innovation.

From an e-commerce perspective, the event’s themes concentrated on four main aspects:

  • Customer Acquisition: How do you put a price on customer acquisition, and what approach should you take to keep them in today’s era of connected customers?
  • Home Delivery: Making delivery models work for your business and the arrival of Click & Collect in Asia.
  • Customer Insights: Understanding your customers’ path to purchase and transforming that into increased revenue.
  • New Business Models: Vendors and retailers are working together for hypergrowth. How can you use communities to build a successful e-commerce business?

AT Internet was proud to sponsor this event for the first time to share our passion for digital analytics with those passionate about e-commerce.



At our booth, in addition to stimulating discussions on data, there was also a prize draw for a great bottle of Bordeaux wine.


Gerrard is an industry veteran in online analytics. He was one of the founding team members at Coremetrics(IBM) Australia back in 2008. As a pre-sales solution consultant, he demonstrated and sold SaaS web analytics and precision digital marketing optimisation software and services to named accounts; presented technical and business analysis and constructive improvement concepts to prospects; produced custom solution scoping documentation (RFP, custom business and technical); provided 1st-level client technical support. Before joining AT Internet, he ran his own company providing Coremetrics and GA consulting services.

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