It’s well known that around 9 out of 10 e-commerce visits result in acquisition costs without generating any ROI. If you find yourself spending ever-increasing sums on traffic acquisition to boost revenue, you’re essentially wasting your time, energy and money. Before you spend to attract new customers, it’s critical to increase the commercial efficiency of your online store.


AT Internet’s E-Commerce guide is your essential handbook – it explains how the insights you gain from web analytics can help shape the ideal shopping experience:
  • Significantly improve your merchandising, shopping tunnels and customer loyalty
  • Find out how to optimise the product catalogue by presenting an attractive and relevant offer for the visitor and engage visitors via the product sheet and encourage them to put your product in a shopping cart
  • Propose an efficient purchasing tunnel and accompany the potential buyer until the conversion – and increase the re-purchase rate, monitoring interactions with your brand to build customer loyalty


Get all our e-commerce tips and recommendations in our series of articles dedicated to e-commerce activity, and be sure to download our free guide: 


In a series of blogs accompanying the AT Internet’s e-commerce webinar (in English) in partnership with industry expert Benoît Gaillat​, we look at common pain points voiced by companies in the face of fast-paced and rapidly expanding market competition. Part 1 looks at a common issue for e-marketers today – “I don’t have time for Analytics…”

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Leaving analytics out of the picture when managing an e-commerce site is like driving on the motorway at high speed wearing a blindfold. If you can’t anticipate anything or see where you’re going, it’s not going to go well. The same is true if you drive a vehicle without a dashboard – it’s possible to wing it but you’re heading for fines, loss of points and breakdown.

Operating your site without indicators puts you at enormous risk as you are unable to understand your most popular products, and those that are losing momentum. It’s also impossible to know if your critical pages (baskets, purchasing processes, etc.) are working properly, etc.

The e-commerce market is saturated with solutions that help companies optimise their strategy and performance. However, the vast majority simply don’t have any spare time or budget to search for optimisation solutions. When looking for ways to boost your e-commerce it is crucial that your decision-making is based on accurate and trustworthy analytics insights. Analytics and measurement are the keys to becoming data driven.

Top tips for busy e-marketers

If time is a major issue, the best way to start optimising your e-marketing is to begin as gently as possible.

The first step is asking yourself the right questions:

  • Why my site?
  • What is my economic model?

You then need to define the most appropriate KPIs for the proper functioning of your site.

  • What is my precise annual turnover?
  • What is the average basket?
  • How many accounts are creations?
  • What is the average conversion rate?
  • How about the number of leads?

Once you’ve defined your own actionable KPIs, it’s important to map out how you share information in the right format, at the right time, with the right people.

Resources can include a daily email recap, dashboards in open spaces and dashboards for specific profiles. Among the multitude of e-commerce content management systems (CMS) on the market, several players stand out to offer you simple, affordable and powerful shop editors.

Once your shop is in place, you can also save time by using plugins, add-ons, and extensions that allow you to integrate an analytics solution in a few clicks, even without technical skills.

AT Internet’s in-page analytics as well as CMS plugins, PrestaShop and Magento are the most user-friendly and easy-to-implement solutions on the market. They are ready-built and rapid-install OOTB plugins that provide seamless integration in a single click.

Once implemented, you can decide which product pages to improve or invest in – e.g. for purchases or shopping baskets etc. as well as chasing your hot prospects. It’s all built-in to the solution.

Swamped in data?

Don’t be worried if you are drowning in too much data – advanced data science has the answer! At AT Internet, our data science projects have two main objectives:

  • Drawing out valuable insights from the data (as opposed to simply visualising information)
  • Automating and integrating that info seamlessly within the solution

Our aim is to reduce the time you spend on data mining tasks and enable you to focus on higher value tasks.

If you’re lost, let out data scientists help you – we can show you how to take all the low-value heavy lifting out of the equation and free up more time to boost the efficiency of your site.

Tune into AT Internet’s e-commerce webinar (in English) to find out how you can optimise your e-marketing activity, remove your blindfold and drive your site into the fast lane.

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