Understanding your audience and their behaviour, setting out an effective paywall strategy, identifying how your teams can optimise that strategy… Here is a list of expert tips for online media, press and content editors on ways to orient an effective paywall strategy.

Infographic Paywall Strategy

To dive deeper, get in touch with Poool, specialist in the implementation of dynamic and intelligent paywalls for their customers to optimise revenue from access to online content. AT Internet’s digital analytics data can be combined with Poool’s dynamic paywall solution to help you understand audience behaviour, identify key segments, determine the most effective paywall scenarios, and measure KPIs. 


Find all this data in AT Internet’s web analytics tools for media, press sites and content publishers.

Digital analytics tactics for media groups - Guide


Bilingual Editorial & Translation manager (and a London boy!). An experienced BtoB and BtoC copywriter, Chris is adept at creating targeted editorial content for in-house and external comm materials, delivering key messages for websites and building strong editorial tools to capture and retain the reader. His mission is to nail down the flow of information and deliver sharp, insightful written content for AT Internet’s range of international corporate clients and company publications.

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