Analytics data usage is being democratised. But companies still have trouble finding experienced candidates who can capably leverage all the power of digital analytics tools. To address this issue, AT Internet has partnered with certain universities and schools specialised in digital. The goal is to certify future digital strategy experts and train them on the fundamentals of web analytics.

Quentin Royer is a student at the Ecole Supérieure du Digital (ESD).* He passed the AT Internet Student Certification with flying colours and is now working as an intern/trainee at our headquarters. We’ve asked him to share his first impressions after getting familiar with the Analytics Suite. Read on to hear from Quentin, an expert of tomorrow!


First, can you tell us a bit about your background?

Originally, I began with a technical background, as I studied at the Bordeaux EPITECH (technology school) where I earned my bachelor’s degree in information technologies. While there, I acquired solid programming skills, and thanks to the school programme, I also had the chance to study abroad in South Korea. Upon returning to France, I wanted to diversify my skillset and broaden my horizons. I therefore enrolled in the Digital Strategy Expert master’s programme at the Bordeaux ESD, where I study the digital ecosystem in its entirety (digital marketing, communication, web design, etc.).


How will the AT Internet Student Certification help you in the future?

For some time now, I’ve been interested in the world of data. It’s a topic that we only touched on briefly during my time at EPITECH, but which we deal with regularly during classes and projects at ESD. As I hope to move into this sector, and more particularly into a profession such as data analyst, this certification represents a first experience, which I plan to build on during my internship at AT Internet.


What have you learned about AT Internet so far?

I know that AT Internet provides a digital analytics solution which features tools enabling the collection, classification and analysis of navigational data from websites and mobile apps in order to improve performance.

The company has clients around the world and has had strong success, notably in these last few years, to the extent that it now rivals giants in the analytics field, like Google, for example.

What I find brilliant, and what struck me the most, is that AT Internet is so committed to digital schools – not only in Bordeaux but across France – that it offers a comprehensive training programme for students (in which our class at the ESD eagerly participated).


Which aspects of the Analytics Suite interest you most? Why?

On the whole, the solution seems simple and comprehensive thanks to the drag and drop system. I particularly like the Data Query tool and segment creation, which allows users to combine any type of data to create their own data sets. I also appreciate the simplicity of the data viz and dashboarding tools. Being able to schedule PDF or email exports, without having to always log in to the solution, is very practical for users. And the Analytics Suite’s interfaces, with their dynamic graphs, allow you to link a line chart to a bar chart or pie chart, for example. In short, the tool is powerful in addition to being intuitive.


If you had to choose just one feature?

If I had to name just one favourite feature, I’d choose Data Query, because it offers immense freedom when analysing. Being able to precisely select any kind of data, combine it, and define comparison periods means you can really let your imagination run free. The tool is super flexible. The interface has been designed to both save time and boost precision when querying data. You can, for example:

  • Manipulate URL parameters without having to go through the interface
  • Display results of a query in HTML, XML or JSON format, so that you can then reprocess data using other tools
  • Directly import an API query into Data Query to automatically generate the corresponding template


You’ve joined the Consulting team in Bordeaux as an intern/trainee. How is that going so far?

The AT Internet certification introduced me to this digital analytics solution, but I want to continue using it and learn all the ins and outs. My internship with the Consulting team is an opportunity for me to get familiar with the data challenges that companies face. It’s also a chance for me to put my foreign language skills to work when communicating with clients and colleagues internationally.


Anything to add?

I’d like to thank the ESD for being behind this cooperation with AT Internet – this initiative enabling students like me to discover and work with a major digital player. For me, and for my classmates as well, I think, this has been an enriching experience in a specific subject that is rather technical, which complements what we’ve learned at the ESD very well.


*About the ESD:
L’Ecole Supérieure du Digital, the first school to have offered the AT Internet Student Certification programme, is amongst the best in terms of overall passing rate for the Student Certification exam, and also currently holds the highest individual score. These excellent results are undoubtedly explained by the school’s central focus on data in its Digital Strategy Expert master’s programme.

Photo credit: Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

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