With our partner Decode Apps – specialist in mobile application benchmarking and monitoring – we’re developing a series of reports offering unique insights and key stats illustrating trends in the mobile app market for different business sectors, countries, operating systems, and more.

This first benchmark focuses on mobile applications in the UK’s banking and FinTech sector, and is based on the study of more than 200 apps. Customers are increasingly using mobile phones to consult and manage their finances – the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) forecasts that by 2020, customers will use mobile phones to manage their accounts 2.3 billion times per year (which would represent more than Internet, branch and telephone banking combined.

Mobile apps are clearly an essential platform for bank customers.


Top 10 banking & FinTech apps on iOS & Android

Here’s how the UK’s Top 10 banking and FinTech apps stack up, ranked by number of ratings in the UK in April 2016.


On iOS:

Top 10 banking & fintech mobile app iOS



On Android:

Top 10 banking & fintech mobile app Android


#1 in the Top10 on Android, the Barclays Mobile Banking app is the mobile banking app with the most ratings in the United Kingdom. On iOS, RBS’ NatWest application has taken the #1 spot in terms of number of ratings in April 2016.

Beyond bank account management apps, this Top 10 list also includes applications offering financial and stock market news, money transfers, and personal finance management.


Download the full study for even more data and analyses!

Get free access to the entire benchmark study and discover:

  • A detailed analysis of the Barclays Mobile Banking app
  • The UK’s Top 10 banking apps in terms of change in number of ratings (on Android and iOS)
  • Spotlight on TransferWise and Revolut mobile apps


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