The popularity of mobile banking continues to grow, with more than half of US smartphone owners using mobile banking to check account balances and transactions, transfer money, and receive alerts, according to a report from the Federal Reserve.

The market for financial apps is a competitive one, and mobile users are not lacking in choice. That’s why we’ve decided to survey the landscape, in partnership with Decode Apps, a specialist in mobile application benchmarking and monitoring.

Below are some highlights from our new benchmark report focused on banking and financial mobile apps in the United States. Based on a study of 355 US banking apps in July 2016, this report offers unique insights and key stats illustrating trends in the mobile app market for both Android and iOS operating systems.


The Top 10 banking & FinTech apps on iOS & Android

Here’s how the United States’ Top 10 banking and FinTech apps stack up, ranked by number of ratings in the US in July 2016.

On Android:

Top 10 banking apps on Android

On iOS:

Top 10 banking apps on iOS

On Android systems in July 2016, the Chase Mobile app was the mobile banking app with the most ratings in the US. On iOS, Mint’s Money Manager app took the #1 spot during this time – just ahead of the Chase Mobile app.

Among these lists, we see bank account management apps from some of the US’ major banking groups, notably JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, and Wells Fargo. We also note the presence and popularity of more specialized financial apps designed for personal wealth management, online payments, credit monitoring, and more.


Download the full benchmark report for more data and analyses!

Get free access to the entire benchmark study and discover:

  • A detailed analysis of the Chase Mobile app
  • The Top 10 banking apps in the US, in terms of growth in number of ratings (on Android and iOS)
  • Spotlight on the Venmo app



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