Montse Lavilla has been Marketing Director at Anuntis for 14 years. She is also a professor of online marketing and author of the book “Advertising activity on the Internet”, published by Rama (1999).

Anuntis is a classified ads company, whose headquarters is located near Barcelona, with 650 employees. The company publishes many different types of online ads for both Spain and South America, including: property, vehicles, training and employment.

The most popular portals are:,,,,,,,, coches 4×,,,, and

How did you become Marketing Director of Anuntis?

I studied Communication at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and after completing my studies I started working in an advertising agency. I spent 6 years working in organisations such as DEC BBDO or Absolut Comunicación. I then left the world of advertising as I wanted to become part of the digital world and in 1999 I joined Anuntis, and I have been there ever since. It’s been 14 years already! When I first started online projects did not have as much scope as they do today, and the company was still “very paper oriented”. Little by little the company started to grow and I became in charge of the marketing department.

In a few words, how would you define your company’s digital strategy?

Anuntis’ objective is to respond to the needs of private individuals in terms of buying, selling and job searches. Anuntis is a 100% online company. Our economic model is based on three types of remuneration: publishing ads for professionals, a promotion service for private individuals, as well as a display service and other classic advertising formats. Our portals are leaders in their sector and have significantly high traffic volumes. The 12 portals combined count for more than 1.27 billion page views a month.

How is your company’s web analytics activity organised?

We have several analysts working for us: one for each web portal. The majority of analysts come from the marketing world and their work is 100% focused on analytics. Each team defines its KPIs with its analyst, and each portal has a specific tagging plan which corresponds to the portal’s aims and objectives, even if some metrics are common to each portal. In our company the web analysts are assigned to the Manager of the portal they work for. The marketing department measures the origins of the traffic, campaign ROI as well as their qualitative and quantitative performances. The members of the marketing department as well as those from other departments have access to the AT Internet platform and are able to monitor their variables themselves.

What are your current tasks and challenges?

Our main goal is to ensure that our brands are “top of mind”, that they are appealing and that they represent what the people want. Another of our goals involves responding to the buying and selling needs of private individuals and gaining customer loyalty through high-quality content. Web analytics supports each of our challenges as it allows us to make judgements and decisions based on real data.

Can you give us a (brief) description of your typical working day?

There isn’t any typical day 🙂 working in the web! My work is split between team management (6 people), all things operational, and defining the department’s strategy.

What do you think the future holds for digital analytics?

The mobile is going to become increasingly important. We are going to witness the biggest changes and innovations in this area. We already have portals where 40% of their traffic comes from mobiles!  Analytics tools must also be adapted to better track traffic from one channel to another: for example from a site to an application.


What has been your greatest success as Marketing Director?

We have had several success stories but one of them is having ensured that Anuntis is the leader in all of the sectors that it is present in: property, vehicles etc.

With hindsight, what piece(s) of advice would you give to a junior who is just starting out in digital marketing?

It is an exciting profession in which you will learn new things every day. You need to be curious and very hands-on in the job. I would recommend to always work with passion and hold on to that desire to learn.

Many thanks Montse for your answers!


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