Today, we’ve prepared a compilation of the 10 most memorable quotes from the many interviews and articles that have appeared on this blog. Read on for the most noteworthy comments from seasoned digital analytics experts on all topics: evolution of the profession, big data, SEO, tracking, KPIs, and more. Let us know which quote(s) stand out to you!

1. “I don’t even like numbers! I prefer analysing to understand what the numbers really mean”

Denis Dupouy, Web Analyst

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2. “Without knowing your audience, and without solid preliminary hypotheses, big data is useless”

Benjamin Mercier, Head of Digital Analytics

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3. “This endless quest, which sometimes makes us “schizophrenic” by continually doing and undoing what we have implemented, is also the most interesting part of the job.”

Sarah Alem, Head of Acquisition

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4. “Losing 50% of our organic ranking after redesigning our website in 2010. We had to start all over again… There’s never a dull moment for SEO experts, that’s for sure”

Kamel Boudjema, Web Analyst

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5. “Web analysts do not have much of a future, digital analysts do! The web is just a platform like others.”

Matthias Bettag, Independent Web Analytics Consultant

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6.“Data is ‘in’, geekiness is cool, and marketing will only be algorithms and correlations in the near future. That’s super, but it’s a little more complicated than that. […]”

Mathieu Llorens, AT Internet CEO

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7. “The World Wide Web is now experiencing the same movement as ‘Gondwana’, the supercontinent that structured the Earth’s surface before splitting up when the continents were formed.”

Michael Froment, Tag Commander CEO

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8. “When asked, “What’s the performance of our company’s digital activities like?” your response should be based on three to five key figures.”

Jacques Warren, Kwantyx CEO

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9. “Tag everything! Even if you think that some information cannot be exploited, you still need to tag everything as it is always pertinent to benefit from the maximum amount of information available on your traffic.”

Fabien Le brusq, Web Product Manager

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The 10th and last quote is… yours! Which statement(s) from our interviews do you find most fascinating? Tell us in the comments!


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