This week, we’re continuing to explore Jim Sterne’s white paper, “A Day in the Life of a Digital Analyst”.  Let’s catch up on the adventures of John, a digital analyst, who is determined to help his colleagues understand the power of digital analytics.

Episode 2: “What’s the end game?”

The story:

After convincing the head of Advertising of the importance of tagging, John must now face last-minute data demands from Product Marketing. What starts as a tense conversation about the need for numbers evolves into an insightful exchange about which data truly matters. By offering a digital analyst’s perspective, John helps his co-worker discover some “hidden gems” and new marketing opportunities.

The excerpt:


The takeaway:

Old habits die hard! Beware of always looking to the same old metrics for your answers. Don’t be afraid to think more largely when analysing your data, and cross-compare unexpected metrics. When examined together, certain disparate data can sometimes paint a surprising but valuable picture. Who better to guide this exercise than the digital analyst? Beyond a simple knack for numbers, the digital analyst has a different way of thinking about data that can help us discover new insights, solve problems and identify new opportunities.



In case you missed Episode 1, you can find it here.


A Silicon Valley native, Ashley has 10 years of experience as a marketing writer and previously worked in B2B digital marketing at Google. She joined AT Internet in 2014 to help create and deploy our international communications in 6 languages. She enjoys distilling complex topics from the ever-changing digital universe into clear, actionable ideas.

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