As we near the end of “A Day in the Life of a Digital Analyst”, it’s time to see how John, the hero of the story, is faring with his mission to promote the power of digital analytics to his colleagues.

Episode 4: “Got any magic data?”

The story:

After convincing Product Merchandising of the flexibility offered by their analytics solution, John is ready for his lunch meeting. On his way over, he meets Ed from Customer Experience who is looking for “magic data” revealing how customers behave on different devices. The two discuss the challenges and benefits of tracking the customer experience across channels and devices.

The excerpt:


The takeaway:

Today’s consumers are browsing, researching and shopping on multiple devices at different points along their path to purchase. By incentivizing users to log in and identify themselves on each device, you can obtain a clear view of how they’re interacting with your brand and the actions they’re taking on each device. And with the right analytics tools in place, you’ll be able to measure and compare activity across desktop, mobile and tablet – and then optimise your actions for each platform.


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