It’s the last instalment of our series on Jim Sterne’s white paper, “A Day in the Life of a Digital Analyst”. Throughout his discussions, John explains the benefits of his digital analytics strategy.

Episode 5: The data-driven company

The story:

After pondering how to track and analyse the customer journey across devices with his colleague Ed, John has a lunch meeting with the new CMO. He explains all the advantages of their digital analytics solution, and the discussion continues into how a data culture can be instilled on a company-wide scale.

The excerpt:


The takeaway:

Evidently, your digital analytics tool’s features are essential. But beyond that, the key to success is having buy-in from stakeholders company-wide to a data-driven strategy. Data governance must not be considered as a threat or a means of controlling employees. Each person should be able to find the genuine added value of data governance according to his or her role responsibilities.



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