Starting today and over the next few weeks, we’ll explore scenes from “A Day in the Life of a Digital Analyst”, the new white paper from leading digital marketing expert Jim Sterne. As we dive into the world of John, a digital analyst, his exchanges with various colleagues will help us grasp the value and potential of intelligently driven analytics. We’ll also see that success relies on more than technology alone – experience, hindsight and common sense are all essential to make it work.

Episode 1: “Do it yourself!”

The story:

Andrew, the head of Advertising, bursts into John’s office. Out of breath and somewhat frantic, he needs to know the first results of the new ad campaigns launched the day before. But wait! He realises that his campaigns were not correctly tagged … However, John shows him that all hope is not lost… rather, quite the opposite… 

The excerpt:


The takeaway:

Today’s marketers have all the necessary keys to efficiently tagging ad campaigns themselves. Thanks to technological evolution in analytics, marketers can retroactively manage tagging, even after campaign launch, in a simple-to-use interface. The other learning is that analytics tools can provide much richer and more precise information than just simple comparisons of sources or standard KPIs. To tap into all the potential of your analytics solution, you have to ask the right questions about what you’re looking to measure, and what you truly want to know.


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