The idea behind a Ship-it Day is to let employees’ imaginations run wild in order to develop and deliver new innovations in just 24 hours. This year, at our second-annual Ship-It Day internal hackathon, all the stars aligned: 15 original projects, super-motivated teams, music and popcorn (and candy floss, too!). The energy was awesome, and the enthusiasm was palpable, even despite the fatigue. Before we introduce the winning projects for 2017, check out this video (in French) to get a feel for how the day went:


The winner: “Watcher”

The idea of the “Watcher” project was to provide Analytics Suite users with a simplified alerts system that can be customised in just a few seconds. Based on changes in traffic or specific tracked metrics, the Watcher mobile application notifies analysts via several different channels: email, Slack, IFTTT, etc. so they can respond as quickly as possible.


This innovation is mainly centred around flexibility and ease-of-use, in addition to making real-time reactions possible.


Bravo to the winners Cédric, Florian, Benjamin, Théo, Quentin, Yan and Jérôme!


The runner-up: “Real-Life Analytics” (warning: this informative-only project is non-compliant with privacy standards!)

Beyond the web, analytics can also be applied to the real word (and sometimes even in spite of privacy and data protection measures!). Erwan and Florent excellently demonstrated how vulnerable technology and information systems can be, and that the line between the physical and digital worlds is a thin one. They also hoped to encourage vigilance on privacy by illustrating the (risky) potential of certain technologies.

Unbeknownst to all of us, during the entire Ship-It Day event and using probes spread across our offices, they collected data from colleagues’ smartphones. They then represented this data on Power BI dashboards to demonstrate information that was quite enlightening about the physical locations and hourly foot traffic of colleagues participating in Ship-It Day. (Note the significant traffic flows toward the “1st Floor Kitchen” food stands 🙂 !)


While these results generated smiles from our teams, we’d like to reiterate that privacy and data protection questions are paramount for us, and that the security and compliance of our analytics solution is a priority for AT Internet (if you haven’t yet seen it, check out our complete guide on this topic).

In third place: “Arcade Game Cabinet”

In just 24 hours, this project team managed to build an arcade game machine. Street Fighter II, Metal Slug III, Puzzle Bobble, Pacman, Bomberman and even Wind Jammers have been brought back to life before our eyes in our Bordeaux office break room!


This awesome team of gamers combined their electronics and DIY talents to give our Bordeaux colleagues this very cool gift.

Big thanks to Stéphane, Camille, Damien, Thomas and Stéphane.


My personal favourite: “Hit Music”

As a bonus, I wanted to quickly mention the “Hit Music” project, a.k.a. representing analytics data with sound (because “come on, graphs are too complicated!”). Fusing poetic charm, surrealism and some light absurdity, this project went beyond words… so listen, rather, to the data (by Sébastien, Stéphane, Julien, Matthieu, Pierre and Yacine):

Many other projects also deserved a place among the winners this year, for their originality, quality of work, and audacity. Some projects were very pragmatic and aimed to quickly create value for our users, such as:

  • A secure tool making it possible to display and manage access rights to the Analytics Suite via a simple plugin
  • An interface for regenerating massive volumes of data in just a few clicks

Other projects were a bit loftier and introduced some exciting new horizons:

  • A chatbot assistant which displays graphs based on natural language requests (written or spoken)
  • An article recommendation engine based on machine learning technology


In short, we saw a great number of diverse topics emerge during this event!

Want to know more about the other projects? Let us know below in the comments!

Congratulations to all participants and event organisers for this wonderful display of collective intelligence. See you next year for the next Ship-It Day!

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