As individuals, the social web has dramatically changed our habits, our daily life, our purchasing habits, the way we express ourselves and even the way we work.

For companies new jobs need to be created, new skills integrated, and there is also a new channel of communication to get used to; for better or for worse.

But more particularly, the social web is also about new realities:

1. Controlled communication is but a distant memory.

The power of speech is at the hands of Internet users. You need to make sure that Internet users have a space in which they can leave comments and ideas, and where they feel listened to and free to express themselves.  Create spaces for open discussion according to your goals and objectives.

2. No strategy for your social media presence? No success.

Giving the power of speech to Internet users is good, but being present, identifying oneself and communicating (somewhat differently) is even better! Your social media strategy must be defined according to your expectations and your target market, and must also respond to well defined objectives. Thanks to these first criteria, you will be able to define which platform is most suited to your community management actions.

3. In just a few hours, your online reputation can be boosted…or take a hit

Be careful. Listen, act, react, be attentive and more specifically, reactive. Monitoring tools are essential in becoming aware (often in real-time) of the conversations currently taking place. They provide information on the latest trends, the general feeling towards your brand, channels and the most active authors. When configured and used correctly, monitoring tools can help detect risks and anticipate future actions.

4. Measuring social ROI remains complex

In this domain your only salvation will be the use of KPIs. As is the case in web analytics, the use of KPIs is essential. The different KPIs may refer to the engagement, and interactions around your brand, the range and influence of authors/sites which talk about you, conversions or leads that your actions have been able to generate, or the general feeling associated with your brand.

5. To sum up

Take the time necessary to create a realistic approach: an approach associated with a solid strategy, efficient monitoring and of course the required human investments. This approach will make your introduction to the social web successful and will allow you to take advantage of it.

What the social web must not change is your approach and your work as a web analyst. As is the case in web analytics, the approach to analytics must be strict, developed for the long-term with suitable tools and a solid strategy.

Do you require any assistance or suitable tools? If so, we can help. Please feel free to contact us.




Product Marketing Manager Having studied marketing, Mélanie has worn the product manager hat at AT Internet for nearly 10 years. She is responsible for introducing innovative dataviz products while keeping the user-centric approach front and centre.

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