Special series 20 Golden Rules of Digital Analytics

To celebrate AT Internet’s 20th anniversary, we’ll be posting our 20 Golden Rules of Digital Analytics: a digital analytics tip each day for the next 20 days. We hope these tips will help you draw concrete value from your digital analytics strategy, whether you’re in the implementation phase, or looking to continuously optimise your approach. So let’s get started with tip #1!

Rule #1: One strategy, five KPIs

Define your key performance indicators, but limit them in number. If you’re using more than 5 KPIs, it might be a sign that your strategy is lacking in clarity. Remember that your KPIs must be contextualised, easy to understand and interpret, aligned with your strategy, and actionable.


When asking, “How is the digital branch of our business doing?”, the answer should lie within three to five key numbers.

Jacques Warren, digital expert analytics and CEO of Kwantyx

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