Successfully completing a web analytics project is an achievement for companies especially when we are aware of the problems they encounter when implementing their solutions or when using them on a daily basis.

3 major constraints associated with analytics projects:

  • Continual urgence which means a lack of time for integrating the solution, sometimes very short operational deadlines, and a need to access information immediately.
  • Diversity of the different challenges:

– Varied and changing web technology and support.

– Companies have a wide range of jobs, goals, and needs for analytics solutions
(strategic/operational), directly impacting how the analytics solutions are used.

– Each online sector has its own characteristics (what do an online banking site,
an e-Commerce site and a media site have in common?).

  • System reliability is a must in terms of the exhaustivity of data collection, ease of access to information and the coherence of the data displayed on the interfaces. The lack of reliability and the hypothetical security of some systems discredit the data which is available to strategic decision-makers and discourages operational decision-makers in their daily work. These security flaws may cause serious problems associated with private data.

At AT Internet we rely on agility both to overcome these obstacles and to help you carry out your web analytics project successfully.

Our approach is based on 3 pillars: Responsiveness, Flexibility and Strength. Here’s why:

3 concrete responses

  • Responsiveness:

– First and foremost it allows you to implement your solutions in the quickest time possible, and with Soft tagging this is possible in the space of a few days. This technology, which considerably simplifies the technical phase of tagging, offers marketing teams more autonomy, allowing them to adapt or refine their analyses after tagging.

– It gives immediate access to information using real-time measurements (to the minute) irrespective of the volume of traffic analysed or the complexity of the request made.

– It guarantees reactive support in the event of a problem, as well as a team of expert consultants who are quick to react on all phases of the web analytics project: from support through to strategic consulting. AT Internet was recognised on an international level for the quality of its services in the latest Forrester study, placed ahead of all the other Web Analytics solutions in terms of customer satisfaction.

  • Flexibility:

– Measuring all channels (web, apps, mobile sites, videos, social media etc.) to analyse their uses and their evolutions.

– Adapting to the objectives of each company by allowing companies to create their own specific business variables and to accurately target their analysis via a 100% configurable requester and real time segmentation engine, available for all variables without sampling.

– Placing online data at the heart of a company’s web marketing ecosystem and CRM, by providing automatic connections and authorising two-way data flows by API.


  • Strength:

– Guaranteeing system performance in collecting, processing and accessing data, as well as a large capacity for scalability depending on the volumes of data to be processed.

– Providing a solution which conforms to the legislation in force, certified by key monitoring organisations, with a highly secure technical infrastructure.


AT Internet’s company strategy is based on these 3 pillars. Our latest developments, such as the Soft tagging interface, our Full Rest API and our new requester are the first innovations from a long series which be will revealed over the forthcoming months.



Chief Executive Officer Mathieu Llorens joined AT Internet in 2000 and is now CEO. He is also a professor of web marketing at the University of Bordeaux. Mathieu obtained a post-graduate degree in Information Sciences (Online Audience Measurement) and is also a certified professor of literature. Mathieu is regularly invited to speak at business schools.

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