Video interview: Digital analytics & data science at AXA

Video interview: Digital analytics & data science at AXA

According to a study from NewVantage Partners, big data has become mainstream among Fortune 1000 companies: The majority of companies surveyed (63%) have at least one big data initiative underway, and 70% of these firms consider big data to be “critical” to success.

It’s clear that today’s companies are recognising the immense potential of blending, cross-correlating and deeply exploring massive volumes of data from multiple sources. But what are some examples of real-life big data projects for business? How can raw digital analytics data be used in these data science initiatives? What are the best technologies for building a data lake and manipulating big data?

For an inside look at big data activities within a Fortune Global 500 company, we sat down with Thibaud Ryden, data scientist at multinational insurance group AXA.

Watch the video to learn how AXA uses analytics data from AT Internet within the framework of its data science projects to:

  • Get a clearer view of business performance
  • Make data more accessible to business analysts company-wide
  • Better understand behaviour and potential value of customers and prospects
  • Build a scoring system, predictive models, and segment customers by sales potential
  • Tailor product offerings and sales approach according to user profiles

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